Mediation Services

Mediation services are provided for disputes in Corporate Matters  (e.g., real estate transactions, cross-border agreements, contract transactions, EEOC disputes,  insurance disputes, business acquisitions and entertainment/athlete contracts, etc.); Family Matters (e.g., divorce, child support, alimony, estate planning, etc.); Community Conflict (e.g., intergroups, associations, neighborhoods, etc.); and a host of matters in International Settings

Facilitation Services

Facilitation services are offered to individuals, organizations, or corporations. The facilitator can guide work groups through systematic, constructive, and creative problem solving sessions. The facilitator will support constructive participation and consensus among members of the facilitation group for collaborative decision-making.

Conflict Management Systems Services

Conflict Management Systems Services are provided in assessing systems, designing and/or modifying an organization’s  systems, and creating a new conflict management system. Dispute Systems Design skills and knowledge will be applied to help organizations reduce the cost of conflict. 

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