Conflict Resolution Courses

Our training programs focus on conflict resolution developmental training, so individuals not only learn the skills that are important, but also the appropriate processes that are useful in conflict resolution. Program participants will have a set of tools to take with them after the training so they will be able to craft their own conflict resolution approach. 

Communication Courses

Effective communication is a necessary critical skill in contemporary society.  Time after time Fortune 500 Managers have reported that effective communication skills are the most significant set of skills they desire in their employees. ICRC provides educational programs that focus on building effective communication skills and competencies across personal, relational, public, and professional settings. .

Mediation Certification

Florida Supreme Court Mediation Certification Programs offered by ICRC provide state of the art mediation training for today’s savvy professionals. Learn from the foremost thought-leader and professor Alexia Georgakopoulos, Ph.D. who has successfully trained thousands of mediators and has taught graduate students in conflict resolution for over two decades.


Upcoming Courses